The Pro's choice.  Period.

Mandolin and Ukulele Straps

Gigging professionals demand the Bailey end pin attachment system that's safe, secure and fits over
pickup jacks (or any end pin strap button).

Other straps have weak
"slot and hole" end pin attachment methods that often become baggy and
loose sometimes resulting in a dropped instruments and damage.  Don't trust a strip of leather
with a hole and slot (keyhole) design to be secure or work with pickup.

Functional art custom hand made one-at-a-time by a fellow musician.  One-of-a-kind. They feature
premium quality, comfort, beauty and security.

Braided leather straps are about 7/8-inch wide.  They do not stretch.

Parachute cord straps are available.

Nothing to harm your valuable instrument.  No plastic beads, buckles, ornaments, metal or do-dads to
scar your finish.

Custom made.  Simply the best strap made!  Great mandolin and ukulele straps!
Pete Kehoe