How to Order
    Decide on the following and send an email with the

    1. Choose a leather: top grain lace, round cord or
       braided cord?

    2. Choose a style: Classic, Sunray, Sunburst,
       Rainbow, Chocolate -- or a solid color?

    3. Length of strap. See the ‘How to Measure’ page?

    4. Include your mailing address in your email.

 5. I get started as soon as I can. If you have time, send
         your payment shortly after we exchange emails

                    Email your order to
             Phone: 989-878-2030

    Mail your payment to:

    Bill Bailey
    3523 N. Gleaner Road
    Freeland, Michigan 48623

Mandolin & Ukulele Strap Prices

Case tags - $36
Top grain - $65
    Round - $75
Braided - $85
550 paracord - $65
Matching wrist bands - $25

(Price includes postage
, tax.)

Personal checks preferred.    

PayPal - $2 extra to cover their fee.  Sorry.

.00 for USPS First Class International Mail.

Most orders shipping via USPS in about ten
, plus time in the post.
Once we have exchanged emails and
agreed upon the details for your
custom made strap, I humbly consider that we
have ‘sealed the deal’ with a virtual handshake.

I'm true to my word
and I know you are also.
I guarantee your satisfaction. Period.
Peace and thanks!