How to Order
    Decide on the following and send an email with the

    1. Choose a leather: top grain lace, round cord or
       braided cord?

    2. Choose a style: Classic, Sunray, Sunburst,
       Rainbow, Chocolate -- or a solid color?

    3. Length of strap. See the ‘How to Measure’ page?

    4. Include your mailing address in your email.

    5. I get started as soon as I can. If you have time, send
      your payment shortly after we exchange emails.

                 Email your order to
             Phone: 989-878-2030

    Mail your payment to:

    Bill Bailey
    3523 N. Gleaner Road
    Freeland, Michigan 48623

Mandolin & Ukulele Strap Prices

Case tags - $36
Top grain - $65
Round - $75
Braided - $85
550 paracord - $65
Matching wrist bands - $25

(Price includes postage, tax.)
International add $10

Personal checks preferred.    

PayPal - $2 extra to cover their fee.  Sorry.

Most orders shipping via USPS in about ten
days, plus time in the post.
Once we have exchanged emails and
agreed upon the details for your
custom made strap, I humbly consider that we
have ‘sealed the deal’ with a virtual handshake.

I'm true to my word and I know you are also.
I guarantee your satisfaction. Period.
Peace and thanks!