2.5- x 3-inches
Single-sided. 18 gauge copper
riveted on hand-stamped '3003'
.090" aluminum plate.

Also included is a six-inch aircraft
cable with
threaded ends to
secure your tag to your case.

I can also delete the hole so you
can mount it flat on big cases,  
equipment trunks, doors, etc.
Delivered in
about 2-3 weeks
Price includes
postage, tax
            Info I need:

 Chose mandolin, guitar or ukulele.

          Phone or email

    Please email me your information  
Thick, stiff, cool and durable.  
hammered and fussed over.

Every one is different.
"Standard" mandolin tags
without raised copper
are available.
          Case tags
Luggage, equipment or instrument
I.D. tags.

Creative license humbly
requested.  Each funky I.D. tag is a
one-of-a-kind artwork.
Choose mandolin,
or ukulele design.